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Gilbert opened his tired eyes to the pounding of feet on the stairs. He sighed and closed them again recognizing these steps to be his beloved and most spoiled little sister Josephine. A few seconds later he heard it < Gilbert!! oh Gilbert my beloved brother !! > Josephine called his name in a singsong voice as she walked into his art studio uninvited. Gilbert kept his eyes shut hoping she would go away, but he knew his sister too well. He sighed when she sat by his chair and started chatting his ears off. 

Gilbert finally gave up. He sat up leaning on the couch he often used to rest < Joesy … stop with the dresses and Annabel's birthday .. What do you want?> his sister looked up at him and with the best puppy eyes she could manage and finally said what he wanted to know< Uncle said I am not to go out without a chaperon … Gilbert please … Uncle will never take me to the town..> Gilbert sighed and he looked around. He did need a new paint for work. Josephine held his hands in hers and squeezed < please dear brother... I promise I will never bother you during work again … I will be on best behavior. .. please…> She kept begging knowing how much he hated leaving his studio. 

Gilbert sighed again and stood up. He looked down at his sister who held her breath waiting. Girls her age knew how to be a drama queen he thought to himself, yet his eyes softened as he looked at the child in front of him. He smiled affectionately < All right Joesy .. Meet me down ... > he covered his ears as she squeaked and jumped. How can a human make that kind of noise? Josephine ran out of the room and Gilbert looked around when he finally found what he was looking for he leaned and picked up the hair band. he tied his shoulder-length golden hair. And the blank canvas caught his attention again. He was supposed to make a new painting for some noble his uncle arranged. Gilbert hated to deal with these people, but he hated his uncle even more. Gilbert stood there staring at the empty canvas as his thoughts went to that dark place again. < Gilbert !! > he snapped back to reality when he heard Josephine calling him. Relief rushed throw him as he walked out.

The trip to the town was exhausting to Gilbert. Josephine would not stop chatting about her friend's party and what kind of dress she wanted. He hated how loud she was but he couldn't help smiling fondly at her. He loved Joesy. she was warm. Even though they have different mothers she was his baby sister he would always love, after all, she saved him when she showed up at his doorstep that day. Gilbert stared at his sister as she continued talking and the image of her standing by his door glaring at him with teary eyes came back to his mind. She was different when she first showed up. Who can blame her, she was 13 years old when lost her mother. It had been her right to hate the world. 

Gilbert squeezed his fist as he remembered his uncle looking at her up and down with these eyes. He knew his uncle preferred yang boys he was a living proof of that. But he wanted to marry her off at the tender age of 13 to an old fart. The only reason she still lived her childhood was that he promised not to leave the house. Even now the monster that tortured him while he was nothing but a child lost interest in him as he grew older he still feared him and wanted desperately to escape, yet here he is still a prisoner of that mansion. Maybe not attending to the house's master's physical needs but attending to his financial needs by painting. He has been hidden in that room most of his life not knowing anything of the world and now he has Josey to protect, where could he go...

Gilbert sighed again and he followed Josephine to another store. He stood with the servant Toby waiting for her to decide. The yang girl was jumping from one dress to another and talking in an unknown language with the store owner. Gilbert sighed again as he noticed the poor Toby rubbing his feet. He just smiled at the man when their eyes met and the yang man lowered his eyes in embarrassment. He couldn't blame him he was tired and starting to get annoyed as well.

< let us go to the ship harbor!!!> he turned surprised at the request. Joesy was clinging to his arm and looking at him with her wide green eyes that looked identical to his . he frowned < why ?? > < the fine gentlemen told me that there was a ship bringing new cargo and it contained the best fabrics !! please brother this is the last detour I promise. > he sighed the harbor was close and the promise of ending this hell was tempting so he nodded and she jumped happily her red looks dancing with her. He still smiled at her loving seeing her so happy and childish. He wondered sometimes if was he living his childhood through his angry sister by spoiling her like this. 

As they arrived Gilbert saw that they weren't the only ones wanting to have a look at the new cargo. Many young women and their companions were gathering while a few merchants were presenting their goods. Josephine ran to them and Toby followed her, he just was too tired to run so he took his time walking and looking around. 

< you stupid boy !! I told you to carry them carefully!! > Gilbert's eyes followed the nagging by instinct . he knew it must be a poor boy suffering his master's wrath. Life wasn't easy for the poor in this kingdom. As his eyes landed on the person to whom these words were directed, he froze. 

He stared at the boy, no he wasn't a boy he was a young man. He stood there looking down at the older man who was scolding him. Gilbert just stared. He had seen many foreigners come and go to this city but this one was unique. He was tall. Taller than any man he knew. He had sun-kissed skin and a golden look falling all around his square face. but what got Gilbert in a daze was his eyes. It had so many colors in it! it was a mix of brown blue and green, he had never seen something like this before. He needs to paint them! theses eyes he needed to paint them on his white canvas. 

< eh… what can I do for you my lord > Gilbert snapped from these eyes that were staring at him to the small fat man standing beside him. He had walked to them without realizing it. He turned back to the yang man < how much? > he said without lifting his eyes off the yang man. < eh em he isn't for sale your lordship. ..> the man said with a weak voice and Gilbert's eyes snapped to him. < I was talking to him .. about the wages he wants to work for me .. how dare you accuse me of such a vicious act as buying a human!!> The merchant took a step back and bowed < no .. forgive my ignorance sir .. but this boy works for me since his mother sold him to me and .. > Gilbert waved his hand and the old man swallowed his next words. < Toby! > snapped Gilbert in a loud voice, in a second Joesy and Toby were standing beside him. Josephine noticing her brother's bad mood didn't say a word as she stared at the tow strangers and Toby approached Gilbert standing right behind him and towering over all the standing men except the colored eyes owner who took a step back. < I am hiring this yang man.. > he gestured to his new obsession < give his former employer the recompense for releasing his contract. the older man just stared at the fat and heavy package of god Toby put in his hand.

< you're dismissed lad… > he said grinning < be glad you have a new generous master!> and he walked away counting his gold.

< Toby.. make sure Joesy gets the dress she wants.. > he ordered eyes still on the man in front of him who finally lowered his eyes. < oh! thank you, brother !! > Gilbert smiled at his sister as she dragged their guard and servant back to the group of merchants. 

Gilbert turned to the yang man and asked < What's your name? > 

he didn't answer. 

Gilbert frowned. He wanted this man as his model but he didn't think of the possibility of him refusing. < I will provide you with housing, food, and a simple job and I will pay you a good wage … what do you say? > The man didn't answer. Gilbert sighed < did you like working for that cruel man? > he asked feeling desperate. The yang man looked at him finally and frowned and shook his head.  Gilbert finally understood why the yang lad never apologized to his master earlier < you're mute? > he asked and the man blushed but nodded. < but you understand me! > he nodded again < I see .. > the yang man kept his eyes down < must be hard for you huh .. > his head snapped up, he was expecting a disappointed remark but Gilbert smiled at him< life has been quite cruel to you … >

The yang man stared at his new master who looked at him with compassion and empathy that he never received from his old master. He felt a warmth and hope that his new life may not be so hard. He opened his mouth and Gilbert waited patiently as he looked around and picked a stick and started writing in the dirt < Maxime.. that's your name? > he stared at the yang lord as he casually crouched next to him and then stood up, he stood up and nodded eagerly. 

His new master smiled < you know how to write .. that is amazing not many in your position would try to learn .. I am Gibert .. I am a painter and I want you to model for me .. > Maxim stared at him confused and it must have been clear because the beautiful man with golden hair and shining eyes laughed and Maxime blushed. < I want to paint you .. > Maxime's eyes went so wide and he blushed even more. 

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