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Nine Star Hegemon Body Techniques
1 Nine Star Hegemon Body Techniques author:wina_aubre sort: urban 37804 read
start from chapter 4801
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Annie Grey
2 Annie Grey author:Dan_does_it_all sort: urban 26939 read
[Volume 1 Completed] Everyone knows that the choices we make determines our future, but what about the choices that we ourselves didn't make but are forced to live with. After Annie wakes up from what seemed like a dream she discovers she is from a long line of witches and together with her Book Curtis and her new friend Matt she discovers herself and which side to be on the Good or the Bad ( Updates every 2 days) Volume 2 [Journey to the Misty Mountain] [Completed] After the events of Volume 1, the now powerless Annie and her friends must face the threat of Azazel still being alive, and lurking in the shadows, while they also try to find a way to regain Annie's lost powers. Come along with Annie, Maddie, Matt, Curtis, and a new supposed ally as they journey to the misty mountain in search of Annie's powers. Volume 3 [The Imperial Artrovan Academy] Following the final defeat of Azazel, Annie, Maddie and Matt struggle to cope as their lives return to some sort of normalcy only to realize that they had put two full years of their lives on hold with unfavourable consequences. This causes Stella to suggest that they go back to school to complete their studies, seeing as she has secured them all a place at the Imperial Artovan Academy that happens to be one of the prestigious academies in the Realm, known for its immense facilities and broad level of skills taught in the academy. And thus begins the new journey of Annie, Maddie and Matt, and like most of their journeys, they are rarely ever smooth. Join Annie, Maddie and Matt as they try to navigate new school life, friends, foes, young love and so the much more as they discover and unravel more mysteries and adventures.
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Born From a Forbidden Union, Humanity hates me.
Orion, born from the demon and angel factions, find himself being a target of the strongest being in the world and his underlings. To free himself and his family, hunting his enemies is necessary. But is he ready for the life threatening battles against forces stronger than him? Will he find enough allies to help him, or will he fight alone?
GINKEN: Sea Storm
4 GINKEN: Sea Storm author:StrangeJelly sort: urban 16959 read
Woman with the tiger eyes in the Beast warrior's World
Sienna travelled to another world when she found a beautiful crystal in the sea. This wild land is ruled by warriors, who can change into ferocious beasts. Females are scarce in this world, they have more males to ensure their protection, but not every tribe treat them well. Sienna first meets an Ape prince who likes her to be his but scares her halfway to his village. The huge snake retrieves her for himself as for his food. She decided to play a game of wits with him, to give her 3 chances to escape. She will encounter a tiger lord, who is so smitten with her, that he will gladly die for her, the wicked and exotic scorpion king, the cold and dangerous eagles and the black dragon who can destroy all others. Sienna will need to use all her wits and beauty to tame these beasts. I had to change this book to a novel because I started publishing it as a fanfic, but it is not fanfic, it is my original work, so I'm keeping both to keep my readers updated. The cover is my work too. This story is not as gruesome or violent as regular Chinese stuff here, because I'm European, so it is kind of easy to read but it still has hot content, twists and an interesting storyline. The setting ranges from ancient, medieval to almost modern. This is uncontracted book , so enjoy the free reading:-) #beastman, #hotblooded, #playfull, #gamesofwits, #tiger, #snake, #eagle,#scorpion, # dragon, #adventure, #romance,#sexy
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The Dragon of Dreams
6 The Dragon of Dreams author:Commander_843 sort: urban 12626 read
*The current cover is a Placeholder until the newly commissioned cover is complete* This is the story of a young man who was reincarnated as a dragon with a near-insatiable curiosity. Initially sparked by questioning his own reincarnation, he quickly gets lost in the endless world of magic, using his deep understanding of advanced sciences to learn the laws and properties of a new type of energy known as mana. However, soon enough, the table would flip, and he would begin using that very same energy to expand his knowledge of science, to the point that he would begin questioning his own understanding of the world. Although not his original intention, with the combination of his intelligence, expanding curiosity, and the 'miracles' that occurred to allow for his existence, he quickly found himself climbing the mountain of strength as if it were a small hill before eventually climbing to a point where it seemed as if he himself was the peak itself. Even if.. that was never the case... - There is mild gore, and profanity is 'censored' toward the beginning, but not later in the story. - Tags: Action, Discovery, Adventure, Fantasy, Sci-fi Sub Tags: Reincarnation, Magic, Non-Human Lead, (Extremely) OP Protagonist, Mystery - New Chapter twice a week, on Monday and Friday at 1:30 PM EST! (Unless Stated Otherwise) - Uploads not on Webnovel, Royal Road, Wattpad, or Scribblehub are ILLEGAL - Community Discord Server: https:\/\/discord.gg\/Dv7G5bQD4v Account must be at least 3 days old. Note: This novel takes place in the same universe as my other novel, TSH (The System's Harvester) on RR (Royal Road) and SH (Scribble Hub)
Rebirth Begins with Rejecting My Childhood Friend
Xu Xiuwen, who was battered and bruised, was reborn and found himself back at the farewell dinner after the college entrance examination. It was the year 2005. Facing the aggressive former love rival and the childhood sweetheart he once had a crush on, he decided to start a new life. After being reborn, he not only wants to recover the white moonlight that he missed in his previous life, but also builds his own business empire. Fame and fortune, career and love, he wants them all! ============ Translation Disclaimer: I do not own the rights to this novel. I am solely responsible for the translation efforts. If you like the novel, please help me by giving a review and power stones. This series is currently being hosted on Hiraethtranslation. For advanced chapters: https:\/\/hiraethtranslation.com\/novel\/rebirth-begins-with-rejecting-qingmei-childhood-friend\/
Rebirth of a Hollywood Socialite.
8 Rebirth of a Hollywood Socialite. author:Doyenro sort: urban 12273 read
This is a translated Chinese novel. I am not the author, just translating for fun. Translator: Doyenro (Fan Translate) Author: Zhuang Jiang Alternative universe (AU) She can produce the most terrifying horror films and also create the most profitable commercial films; she can turn artistic films into commercial successes and turn commercial films into artistic achievements. Future critiques of Laila all say that she is synonymous with the Hollywood miracle, one of the greatest directors of all time. She even unintentionally becomes the most skilled photographer and strategist. However, she knows that all of this comes from her biggest secret, which is—she has been reborn! T\/N: * The Female Lead(MC) is very patriotic to her old country, so it may be annoying to some people. * The English gets better from chapter 65, the chapters 1 - 65 will be edited soon. * The actors' or actresses' characters may be different from reality. It is just an alternate universal fictional novel. * Alternate History * Contact me if a novel of the same is officially translated so that I can stop. * Original Chinese novel completed.
The Four Kings of PRIDE
9 The Four Kings of PRIDE author:GavinG sort: urban 12266 read
on April 19th four brothers are born. All four fated to do great things in there futures. There father a king is over joyed at there births, happy to see which one of his sons is going to be his heir for the throne. But in this kingdom there can only be one king.
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The Protagonist’s Sister Is Actually The Strongest
I was just another failure of an author, writing stories nobody read, and that never sold. Seeking to improve my writing, I read the most popular novel at that time, Solo Player, to learn what made it so popular. However, as I read this story, I couldn’t help but feel frustrated about the story’s development, which had a terrible ending. Eventually, and quite bitterly, once I ended reading the book, I found myself transmigrated into the very world of this novel. Did I become the Protagonist? A Villain? Or perhaps even an Extra? No, it was much worse than I imagined. Because I ended up becoming the most worthless character that nobody ever cared about in the novel. A character that is often considered the motivation for the protagonist to grow stronger, but also his greatest burden. Someone every reader hated! “I’m the protagonist’s sister…” However, with my knowledge of this novel's events, my worthlessness was about to change. I’ve decided to not only become the strongest but also change the story’s terrible ending! “I won’t let you go inside a Dungeon, it’s too dangerous.” ...As long as I can get this incredibly corny and overprotective brother out of my way! And for some reason, the Constellations won’t stop bothering me. Ding! [The Cosmic Throne {Butterfly That Flies Across The Universe} seems interested in your tenacity!] [She has sponsored 1000000 Plot Points and the [Demon of Calamity Transformation Technique (SS)] Skill!] [The Cosmic Throne {Monkey that Dances in Chaos} finds your chaotic nature amusing!] [He has thrown the [Umbral Chaos Stone Necklace (S Rank)] at you!] [Not enough? He launched the [Immortal Heaven Peach (SSS Rank)] right on your face!] There was something really wrong with the Constellations this time around. Ding! [The Cosmic Throne {Jester Filled With Lies} is happy that you’re bringing despair to your victims!] [He has gifted you the [Jester’s Last Laugh (S Rank Privilege)] and the [Master of Manipulation (SS)] Skill!] [The Cosmic Throne {Maiden that Watches Over Nature} seems happy you’re growing stronger.] [She has gracefully sponsored you with 2000000 Plot Points and Fully Heals All Your Wounds!] [She has also begun to wonder if you could plant some trees for her, gifting you the [Divine World Tree Seedling (SSS Rank)]!] [The Cosmic Throne {Warrior That Seeks Calamity} is satisfied with your battle performance but asks for more battle!] [He has sponsored you with 500000 Plot Points and [Beheading Sword of Destruction (SSS Rank)]!] They simply couldn’t stop gifting me things as if I were some sort of famous streamer for them. “I am grateful, but please just leave me alone already…” Chapters are long, 1500 ~ 2000+ words. During its serialization, this novel will be available for free forever, no premium. However, you can read advanced chapters here: https:\/\/www.patreon.com\/pancakeswitch Copyright 2023 PancakesWitch. All rights reserved. No part of this work may be reproduced or used in any manner without the prior written permission of the copyright owner, except for the use of brief quotations in a review. This novel is also being posted on Scribblehub and Royal Road. If you see it anywhere else, please let me know. Thank you.